You Never Outgrow Art Class

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The past few weeks the teachers have been working on 'projects' after school in the Art Room (organized by our fabulous art teacher). This is the piece I "made my Mom for Mother's day." I think it's pretty funny, many of the ladies in the room are as old as my Mom, and I'd say at least half of us put something together for our Mom (maybe b/c no matter how old you get, Mom's always like homemade 'stuff'). I did get some other things for my Mom, but you can bet this little dish is getting wrapped and presented to her on Mother's Day...and it'll probably be her favorite gift because she is sentimental like that. Be warned, you may all be getting little clay objects for the upcoming holidays if I 'get' to spend many more faculty meetings down in the art room crafting for what they call our 'school therapy sessions.'

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Nicole said...

You're so talented!

I'm sure she'll love it.