Monday, June 02, 2008

Ingredients for a Good Time

I really don't think this is going to be as funny to people that don't 'know' the inside jokes of my office, but this is one of my favorites....and it's been in the works for a long time. My friend Terry and I love to play practical jokes on each other....and pretty much everyone else at work. I laugh until I cry....literally when it comes to our weekly escapades. She told me a month ago at another shower we hosted together that it was her turn to have a shower (she's married, she's had one, she just thinks we throw a lot, and we do). She even went so far as to say it needed to be a kitchen shower, and she listed off the things that would be on her registry. For the next week she talked about the things she wanted at her shower. Terry loves to be the center of attention, and she'd tell you this herself, so a few of the other gals and I got together and we planned a surpise shower for her....but we decided it was going to be the tackiest shower ever thrown. And boy, if there was ever a shower so well-ducted taped together, I'd like to hear about it. It's not that the items that we brought were individually tacky (though some of them were), but when you have easy cheesy canned cheese, and moon pies as the main dishes, you know it's going to be fun (Did I mention Terry was a health nut?). The rule for the few attending (at the risk of offending anyone, too many people can't laugh at themself, or with others)-bring a dish that doesn't cost more than $1 and buy the worst gift you can find (or make) under $1 as well. It was a roast, it was a riot, she loved it....but now....having pulled it over, I'm a little scared because that makes this my turn. The following are just a few of the details).
These were all things Terry needed at 'her shower' per our original conversation.
Ice tongs with "Ice Ice Baby" written down one side, and a fuzzy catepillar with google eyes glued to the other.
Bleached towels
Corn on the Cob holders
'Antique' vegetable peeler
Pizza Cutter put in a flower pot with paper leaves added (this was later used to open a taped up gift box)
Short spatula for short people (Terry is 5 ft)
Christmas icing and sprinkles
Plastic letter refrigerator magnets
Re-Used cards and scratched-out/Re-written Thank You cards accompanied everyone's gifts.
A table cloth from every season
Ash trays
Easter Grass
Plastic lobsters
Plastic poinsettas
Notebook paper taped together for a banner
One strand of crepe paper
Valetine's decorations
Honky tonk music (Songs sung only by people with Mullets)
Half blown-up balloons
Duct tape to hold up the decorations
Purina Dog food lid as a welcoming sign
Diet Dr. Thunder
Pizza Rolls
Easy Cheesy canned cheese spray
Moon Pies decorated with icing
Left over cake from Friday's luncheon
After dinner mints
Cheese Poofs (not Puffs)
A banana
Hotel Soap


Jodi said...

How funny! I think my favorite thing was the banner made of taped together notebook paper! Classy!

Brian and Ella said...

that is hilarious!!!