Le Retreat

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wow, what a way to begin a week. My good pal Sonia and I drove out to a Bed and Breakfast called Le Retreat in Gainesville. The town itself is so cute, and the house was precious. The lady who runs the house drops by to check and make sure we are OK, but other than that, we had the run of the place. It is the cutest place! There are four large bedrooms with themes Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall-all quilts and decor match the theme. There are also four bathrooms (this lady was a genious)-Japan, France, Australia, and the Carribeans. All the walls were painted fabulous colors....and the lights, fans, and goodies provided were fabulous. She provided everything-quilting magazines, ironing boards, cutting boards, work tables, comfy chairs, all the kitchen supplies for meal preparation (minus the food-we brought that). She also has supplies for scrapbooking retreats, but basically-you have to lock in your days-and there aren't many others available b/c you are guaranteed your same time frame for the following year-and we've already booked our stay next July. We arrived on Monday and stayed through Wednesday. We met up with 5other ladies (with others coming and going on Monday) and I loved watching the pros create some really amazing pieces-we stopped for meals, quick trips to the local quilt shop-and sleep, but then we worked like mad women(or should I say, happy?) at the hobby we all love. I have now completed the top to my 'next quilt'...I bought the fabric at a quilt show a year and a half ago....and I have other projects lined up. I guess you could say this weekend I was 'piecing' my quilt-I'll take the top and bottom fabric to a quilter to do the actual 'quilting' now,then I'll add a black binding. On the way home, Sonia and I stopped by this quilt shop I've been dying to visit...and that's where trouble began, again. I have now bought another quilt project (it's not the only one, but I'm excited about this fabric!). I can't express how peaceful this week has been! I'm so excited about next July, and I have another retreat planned in Oklahoma in February to get me through the year! I'm including a picture of this weekends quilt-I'll be posting another one in a few months when it's 'completely, complete.'


Prof Mariam said...

This sounds like so much fun!


Maurine & Derek said...

That's so cool. I love the quilt. And what a great business idea for her. Did you know the other women?

Christy said...

I had met 3 of them when we went to a quilt show, and now I know the rest, you bond quick over table talk. :O)