Saturday, August 02, 2008

On the way back to Dallas, Kelly's Mom suggested a stop in Eureka Springs, AK. I had never been, but they assured me it was a crafter's paradise. I had to be home early enough to get to a dinner party for a friend, so it was a quick stop, but we got to walk around for about two hours, and eat breakfast at a cute little basement cafe. I'd definitely love to head back and explore. They had tons of shopping, bath houses, and lots of natural springs. In fact, on one side of the street walkways were built over the springs from the shops to the side walks. I'm always excited when I get a glimpse of a place I'd like to someday head back to, and 'discover' further. It might be a place I have never heard much about, or in this case-I ignored the information when it was given. Arkansas is a lot of fun b/c of all the water, natural springs, and green scenery. I've spent some time at State Parks in the state when I was younger, but plan to add a few back to my list so I can explore the towns I skimmed this trip in greater depth!

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