Greatest Show On Earth

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Are you ever too old to enjoy the circus? I think not! This year's circus was fabulous, they continue to raise the bar. When I was little I used to play circus for WEEKS after going to a show. I was Leona, my brother would be Leo, and my Mom....the Lion Tamer. Jason said he doesn't remember, if that's just not the most tragic news, I don't know what is because we spent many hours jumping through hula hoops. Unfortunately, I have no hula hoops to practice with this time around, but I do have two dogs I think should definitely start earning their keep, so I'll see what sort of acts we can put together and report on the festivities later. I'm just one mobile home, and an act away from running away with the circus. In the meantime, some of my favorite circus memories from this afternoon's circus.


Holly Mariam said...

I have a hula hoop. I am willing to let you borrow it.

Christy said...

I'll be right over. I don't want you to feel left out, would you like to be the person that stands outside of the cage and pokes any non-participating animals with a long stick if they aren't doing what I want them to do? I figure you will be busier that I am, given the number of pokes this particular pack of animals would require to cooperate.

Hurtado Family said...

We went last weekend and took the boys. Can you believe I had never been?? It was great and Rey and even Jonah loved it. I was just about to post a blog about it too. JOnah even knew when to was great. Only sad part is, i completely forgot my camera at I might steal or "borrow" your pictures for my blog too! What a great yearly tradition =)

Thomas Family said...

I have always loved the circus as well. What was the theme for yours? We went in January and I wonder if we saw the same one

Christy said...

Let me know if you want me to send you all the pictures I have via email, I have a ton (it's what I do-take waaaay too many pictures). I looooove the circus!
The circus was "Bellobration"...I know they have a red and a blue circus that make a two year loop (I've heard rumors of a third). They always come to Dallas in late July/early August, and then it's on to Fort Worth. :O)