Monday's Highlight

Wednesday, August 13, 2008
The "To Do List"...I had a big blinds projects (it's not big anywhere else but in my mind)....I, Christy Ann Robbins, after much procrastination, one google search, and a trip to Home Depot where I dug through and employer's mind for advice (which I didn't really understand, but appreciated) replaced 6 slats in my window blinds. On the other hand, I did it completely wrong. I even cut a line I wasn't supposed to so now my blinds won't raise and lower. Notice, I didn't say I did it well, I just 'fixed them' according to my standard of home repair (which is somewhere between-I don't want to fork out the money for new blinds b/c the dogs will probably just break them again, and the super glue and staplers just aren't cutting it). I wasn't made for this-granted, I don't always totally submerge myself in the things that God did make me for, but I'm just pretty certain-home repairs are not my thing, notice-no pictures, but plenty of words. I have one more window-stop me now if you know how to replace blinds when the 'stringy thing' is connected in a continuous loop and doesn't have a knot at the end, skip past this if you too hope to never have to do this project.

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