Fan Appreciation

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Today the girls in the family went and broke Brian out of college for the day and headed to the ballpark (conveniently located near his college). It was fan appreciation day, and Mom's friend had given us free tickets-yea for free stuff! All the players greated guest at the doors, and handed out baseball cards, and misc stuff. I had to get Brian to give me the names of the players, it was certainly a wasted opportunity on me, but....I took their pictures anyway. I'm posting a picture of Hamilton, who apparently hits a lot of homeruns? And Nolan Ryan who was seated by the player's box, who I KNOW didn't let too many players hit homeruns off of him in his career as a pitcher. I love the ballpark, and miss it already!

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Thomas Family said...

We went to see the Rays play on Sun as well