Saturday, September 20, 2008

I've heard about Oktoberfest for years, and today-I finally decided to go. I called up my cousin Holly, who is usually game for an evening of randomness, and she didn't disappoint. This particular festival was held out in Addison, and it's really famous (in the DFW area at least!). It was pretty much what I expected-lots of 'bier' for the mug carrying guest (totally wasted on us Baptist gals), and plenty of seats in the bier garten to enjoy the beverages, polka music, lederhose wearing guest, yodeling contest, and chicken hats. Along with all the 'bier' kegs they also had rides, a German car show, and crafts. We sampled the pretzels, and apple strudel and were not disappointed in either. Everyone was pretty tame when we were there, and I can check it off my to do list now! I'm still not sure about the September date of this Oktoberfest, but whose to question Munich's chosen date, maybe they chose the date last year sitting around and chatting in the bier garten?

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