Happy Birthday, Mom!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Birthdays are all about traditional activities. No birthday is complete without the family present! It's always fun for me to help Mom celebrate her birthday with some of the traditional activities she passed along to me. We always start the day with breakfast (which is a little more difficult for those born during the 'school months'). My Mom said she has been eating this particular breakfast for her birthday since her Mom fixed it for her (biscuits, gravy, and v. sausage....oh and Dr. Pepper, I seriously doubt her Mom served them Dr Pepper, but who am I to argue on someone's birthday?) So, in keeping with my personality, it was a mini-themed breakfast for just us gals. I usually pick up a lot of little gifts for my Mom during our annual mother/daughter vacation over the summer, and since we went to Hollywood this year, that was my wrapping, and breakfast 'theme.' (Life in the gene pool).

This evening my Aunt had a family dinner for my Mom with all her favorites (chicken enchiladas, and the best cake in the world made from scratch-Sheath Cake). Yum. All the candles were present and accounted for-because it's 'tradition."


Charles and Heidi said...

Happy Birthday to Margie!!
What a fun birthday! I love all the traditions.. especially Dr Pepper for breakfast!!

Thomas Family said...

Happy Birthday!! A woman after my heart with Dr. Pepper for breakfast!