Texas de Brazil

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tonight I took Mom to Texas de Brazil for dinner for her pre-birthday. I've wanted to go for years (in fact, I may be the only person who ever comes to my blog that has NOT been)....but, it was interesting. I thought Mom would probably like it b/c she likes steaks. I had doubts about myself, since I'm not a huge fan of meat, but since it was my treat, I gave myself permission to pay for the experience, even if I didn't get my moneys worth of meat. The salad bar was really yummy, very high class. Then there was the meat. Basically, waiters with swords of meat walk around ready to offer up their fair if you are ready to eat it. I saw some sausage that looked interesting, so I flipped the little disk that sits next to your plate to say "I want meat." The sausage guy came, but then.....all the meat men started coming. It was a stampede of meat, it was a little frightening to have one man sawing off meat from his sword, while the next saber of sausages waited in the wings. I would get the meat I wanted and quickly flip my disk back over, which means....back off.....but then....my Mom wasn't cooperating and I'd try to get her to quickly convince her to flip it over before the next steel rod of roast beef came flying by. It was really delicious meat, and there was LOTS of...and this from a non-meat-eater. The sides were fabulous. And....another item to check off the ol' to try list!


Thomas Family said...

I had never even heard of this place. Derek hasn't been but he has heard of it.

Hurtado Family said...

I have never been there. Sounds like Fogo De Chao....have you been there?

Christy said...

Maurine, I think you guys would like it. Go hungry. I know there is at least one in Miami, and maybe other 'versions' of the restaurant closer to you guys....better yet, come to Texas and try it out!

Veronica, I think the concept is the same, there is another restaurant with the same type 'stuff' at the new firewheel. I think they all pretty much do the same things with a little food varieity. :O)