Sunday, October 26, 2008

I had been working on recipes for chocolate icing for months-I had tried four batches rather unsuccessfully, and this fifth time I did ask a lady for a recipe, but even at that-it seems like I can often ruin what should be an easy dish (and I didn't try to make it until the day before the wedding). Truly, I can't say enough about how smoothly it all went, which I honestly needed for my sanity, and I can't contribue the success to myself because I fail more than I succeed in life. I enjoyed the end product of each piece, but it was overwhelming and I kept thinking of the old saying, "....don't bite off more than you can chew." I managed to successfully pull everything together, but I was a zombie yesterday with two majorly aching feet after standing on tiled floors most of the last three days. I took a nap today, and enjoyed every minute.
The Candy Bar
I just love these (which is why I collect the jars). They bought most of the candy, but I did dip some pretzels for the bar, so that's fun, and hung the wreaths to give the wall a little bit of relief.

The Cakes

The Bride's Cake-Pound cake with raspberry filling, and buttercream icing. I used some of the flowers for decorations, Greg's uncle carved the "B" to go on top, and I borrowed the 'tree cookies' for the platters from the 5th grade science room :O). She requested the little grooves instead of the 'smooth' look, which made icing the cakes soooooo much easier. Each piece was served with a lime green, and hot pink chocolate "B" I made a few weeks ahead of time (her new initial). Thanks definitely go to my Mom for mixing up a batch of icing xs 4 to finish the cakes with Friday night after I got home from the rehearsal dinner, this project kept me up until almost three am (and I had began baking cakes two days before, so it was just the icing and strawberries I was working on), I don't know how many more hours I would have tacken if she hadn't been so willing to help when needed!

The Groom's cake-Chocolate with chocolate icing, and chocolate ganache, and chocolate covered strawberries, and a chocolate mold (you get the idea)-they are Aggie's-which explains the maroon silk around the cake, and the Texas Shaped Chocolate on top with the A&M name (I found the mold for a great deal). Each piece was served with a chocolate covered strawberry-chocolate is tempermental!


Jodi said...

Oh my goodness you've been busy! From the circus shower, to the wedding,and everything else in between! I love everything - it is all so beautiful!! You need to start a business - seriously!! I'll be praying for your surgery - keep me posted!

Hurtado Family said...

Hi there! hope your recovering well! These cakes are great. I just started a cake decorating class this week. Very exciting. get to go buy supplies this week! Will send you pictures soon! =) Take care and get better soon! =)