Sunday, October 05, 2008
There were several recommendations I've recently read on blogs I follow, and people I respect to go see the movie Fireproof. One of my friend's emailed this week to get a group together to head to the theater Saturday evening. I'm not proud to say I went wit a sense of 'Christian Obligation' to support a movie I knew would have a religious message, but having never been married, or close to it-I didn't antipate that I would do much more than like the movie. I LOVED the movie! I wish I had the script so I could quote and learn from it....oh wait, I do have the script sitting in my room in my nightstand, and I should DEFINITELY read that 'script' more often. Thanks for all the advise to see this movie, and if you have not been.....go, it's worth it! It taught me a new way to look at relationships, including the relationship I have with God.

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Charles and Heidi said...

Yea!! We saw it, too and loved it! Thanks for putting this on your blog! I hope everyone will see it .. at least once! I'm ready to go again.