Speeding into Three

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Umm, seriously, how cute is John Ross? He's every bit as sweet as he is cute. This morning I made the drive down I-35 to Austin for the big 'three' celebration. TODAY, John Ross turned three....except, he didn't know exactly at what point in the day he went from two to three. I started my greeting with a hug, and a "Happy birthday." He was excited to add my gift to his growing pile, and when we discussed his birthday, he knew something good was going to happen very soon, but he wasn't sure exactly at what point it would BE his birthday, he was still 'two' when I arrived and asked,and he was going to BE three when it was his birthday. He was unsure of the exact timing. After cake, when asked, he finally turned his 'I'm two' into a three. I was catchig up with Carla for a minute while we waited for others to arrive, and I look over and John Ross is patiently sitting on the couch.....tense with excited, beside himself, confused about what he is supposed to do as he looks around at all his Cars decorations, and waits for the party to begin. Once some little friends arrived, they spent the afternoon chasing bubbles, coloring, shooting silly string, and Carla's uncle brought his dog. THIS was the BIGGEST event at the party...forget the pony. He put his dog in the run so it could settle down after the long drive, and all the kids stood around the fence squealing, sticking their fingers through, and jumping when the dog pushed his paws through the fence in a similiar greeting! Ahh to be three and to think bubbles are brilliantly entertaining. I had a great time, and I am always impressed by how precious this little guy is, and what a great job his parents are doing raising him with manners, a firm hand, and a patient attitude.

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