Monday, October 13, 2008
Here is some food for people that like to dig waaaaay to deep into silly things.
I've been having the STRANGEST dreams lately.
Dream 1: My Mom said she brought home two little brown bunnies she had found....somewhere, and she put them in the backyard. Fastforward through a dream cycle or two and she was upset because the bunnies gave birth to 65 baby bunnies. She assured me it would be OK though, she was going to find a snake to feed the baby bunnies to, so I didn't need to worry about it. (Like I'd have a problem with 65 baby bunnies, hello, cute!) I got really upset, and ran into the backyard trying to collect all the bunnies before she could come back with the snake. Some of the little brown bunnies that were covering my backyard looked a lot like puppies, but really-like this made any sense up through this point? The last thing I remember was that I was trying to gather up 65 brown baby bunny (and puppies I was calling bunnies). My Mom is disturbed by this dream because she wants to know what my true concerns are regarding some dark part of our relationship, and my feelings about her. I blame Jo completely for putting the scary kitty story on her blog. ;o)
Dream 2: I was in Europe with my family. There were lots of boats, and buses etc we were traveling around in, and I was so surprised because I thought Europe would be MUCH bigger. In my dream, Europe really was the size of The Lands at Epcot Center-minus the lagoon, where you just walked from one country to another (with 3 or so buildings representing each country), and amid all the stress of trying to get around (had I the ability to reason through a dream, I would have walked) I sat there thinking-if I knew this was what Europe was going to be like, I would have just gone to Epcot at Disneyworld and saved the money. Maurine, if I change my summer plans and come to Florida instead, you will know why ;o).


Thomas Family said...

We would love to share a trip to Disney with you, keep me posted.

Msheepers said...

I'm glad you didn't agree with your mom to feed the cute baby bunnies (and puppies) to the snake!


Although Bob Barker may pop up in a later dream and remind you to spay or neuter your pets...

Charles and Heidi said...

Your dreams sound so very similar to some that I have had. Let me know if you get them interpreted? Where's Daniel when we need him?