More Cupcakes

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This afternoon my pal Heather and I got to work on the cupcakes for Kristine's baby shower tomorrow. We used the cupcakes set out in Hello, Cupcakes circus pages (the elephant, the monkey, and the lion). I have three boxes full of the following three kinds of cupcakes to keep me company tomorrow. I'll take more pictures, but here are a few quick shots of the little critters.


Charles and Heidi said...

Too cute!! Wish I could have come watch the decorating in action! AND they look delicious!!

Ella said...

those are the cutest cupcakes ever!!! i need to learn how to make those...they would be cute for little nate's 2nd birthday!

Christy said...

They are so doable, especially the monkey, and he was the most popular little guy to go. I'm going to use that cupcake again for a baby shower in May. We used the 'fruit' cheerios...the purple ones. Brown Jimmies, red tube icing, and pink chocolate covered sunflower seeds (I found those at a candy store and they were a little more difficult to find, butif you do decide to make them and can't find them, let me know and I'll send you a little bag) and brown mini-m&ms. The only 'piping' for the cheeks and eyes we just used a ziplock baggie and snipped a corner and mounded up little piles of white icing over the chocolate. It said to dye a little pink for the mouth area, but I just kept it white b/c I was tired. I LOVE that Hello, Cupcake book!