Cutie Pies

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I started some Thanksgiving holiday prep today...I saw this idea a few months ago from a link on Jo's blog, that had a link, that had a craft link, that had a craft link (I love the blogging world). It's called pies-in-a-jar. You get little half-pint canning jars for individual pies. The great thing is you can freeze them (which I am doing until the day of), then you just pop them out of the freezer, and bake them at 400 degrees. They suggested sticking baking twine on the jars (ready-to-bake) and giving them as gifts, but they are going on my table, with scoops of ice cream for this season. I used cherry and apple pie filling, and I was able to make about three pies (with some extra dough) out of every pie crust. It was easier to cut the top to the size of the lid, and then just takes chunks of dough and mold it to the bottom and sides of the jar. We will see how they bake...I anticipate some filling overflowing, but you will probably see them again in a few weeks on the blog.


Charles and Heidi said...

Beyond Cute!! I want to know how to do this!! Can you come over and give a cooking demonstration? I love your blog!!!

Christy said...

Anytime :O) I found the idea on this website and they seem to go and pull ideas almost daily from other sights that have seasonal craft ideas that you can do with young kids (or old kids like me who refuse to stop 'crafting'). In this case, the little ones could scoop in the filling,and more importantly, eat the pie!