Marie and Travis' Wedding

Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's important that you play this song when you read this blog, or you miss the whole wedding feel:O)
And now to my blog.....Marie and Travis' wedding was this weekend down in Houston. My Mom was sweet enough to drive me down, and I'm so glad I was able to make the trip because I can't imagine missing Marie's wedding! Everyone was surprised by a cold front this weekend, and for some reason I thought heading south the temperature would be warmer, but this was not the case (I think it didn't get 'warmer' than 50, and there was a cold breeze). After a chilly ceremony outside (with a beautiful bride, and very calm, happy groom), we headed in to the land of peacock feathers (very "Marie"):O) for some REALLY great carribean inspired food (a nod to Marie's family's 'old' home of Jamaica). Jerk chicken-yummmmm, briscuit, plantains, rice and beans, rum cake favors, fruit, and many other goodies. Marie and her dad's dance has to be the cutest dance I've seen at a wedding. No tears, all celebration to this great Reggae song (you should be listening to if you followed my instructions), "She's Royal." They boogied down, and then most of the wedding guest spent the rest of the night wearing a path along the floor. Speaking of catching up, I also got to spend time with Trina (BU roommate, freshmen year), and Terri (Big Sis to all the three BU girls, and great friend for many more years, and counting). Congratulations Marie and Travis! Your wedding was fantastic!


brown sugar said...

Thank U, Christy! i work with Marie's mom and she was soooo Happy when she came back to work! she told us everything went just as planned and the wedding was beautiful!! Thank U for the pics, we r waiting on Fay to bring pictures!! your post on the wedding is FANTASTIC!!!!!

Christy said...

It was loads of fun! I know there are going to be plenty of great pictures! I can't wait to see them, I've been haunting the photographers website in anticipation!