Wednesday, November 05, 2008
Back to is my first day on the net, minus a peek last night. Believe it or not, I have not felt like blogging! I also thought it might be best to write a blog without pain medicine speaking for me. I don't want the Vicodin talking. Truth be told, I had a pill about two hours ago, so.....that won't happen. The surgery went 'well.' I still don't want to have surgery again...ever. I'd probably be no less of a basketcase because I did NOT have a fun time. I can say, I am completely confident in the fact that it needed to be done though, and that was one worry I had-should I even be having surgery? It's amazing who all comes out of the woodwork to tell you their story, and there are tons of people who have told me about their time in ICU b/c they let the galbladder thing go too long. I knew how sick it could make me, but I didn't want to add an extended hospital stay to that, so I'm glad it's 'gone'. I went in Tuesday morning, and they were running about an hour behind, which didn't surprise me too much. Once they did prep me the nurses were all very sweet. I had some nightmares the night before about waking up in the middle of surgery, and I had a cough and cold show up Monday morning that was concerning me, but the anethesiologist put my fears to rest. She took all my signs, assured me she would keep me asleep during the surgery, and would wake me up after the surgery. Next my doctor came in and chatted with me for a little bit, and then he asked if he could pray for me. What? Yes! I thought that was awesome, and it was such a God thing. He even prayed in Jesus' name, not knowing where my faith lies, it was a risk on his part in 'these times', but it meant the world to me, and I have so much respect for him. I have felt confident in the prayers of others, but I felt at peace knowing that even my doctor was praying for me and the team of surgeons. If you ever need a general surgeon (and I hope you don't)....I've got the name of a great one. They 'put me out' while I was still asking lots of questions, and I remember thinking they needed to refold a pile of sheets because it seemed like the pile was unmanageably high. The next thing I knew I was waking up. I remember telling the nurse many times that I was 'so happy to be awake.' Before going under the nurse had told me the pain afterwards would be no worse than a gallbladder attack, so that has stuck in my head and revisited me over these last few days, and helps when I'm hurting. I came straight home, and went to bed. I felt very sick to my stomach, and most of the pain the first day was from all the stitches. I have four sets of stitches, but the belly button is the most bothersome. I slept for most of those 24 hours, and then day two the numbing medicine on the inside wore off. I felt a little bit like I had a small class of kindergarteners playing monkey bars with misc organs (it helps to imagine something cute inside). So....I slept most of yesterday. I'm happy to say that I didn't feel like throwing up day two, now I'm just dizzy standing for any length of time. I think above all, maybe this will help me be a LOT more compassionate to others that are ill. I've not spent a lot of personal time at a hospital, or in recovery (for myself), but I now see the importance of a phone call, or a visit. They have meant the world to me, and it takes away my focus from feeling sorry for myself. I'm grateful to have found a great doctor, and great family, and friends to take care of me. :O) And's nap time!


Ella said...

so glad to hear the surgery went well. i'm praying for your recovery! i love you, Christy!!

Charles and Heidi said...

Thanks for posting today even though you aren't feeling that great! You have been in our prayers.
Hopefully tomorrow will be much better. I hope the dizziness is gone by then. What a blessing that the doctor prayed with you before surgery! God is good!! Love you!!