Oh, (Another) Christmas Tree!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Friday night I headed to 'Downtown' Plano with my Mom and Kelly to Dicken's. We met up with family to watch the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. The streets was closed off, and vendors and stages lined the area. The trees isn't that big, but the real point was walking around to the shops that stayed open late, and there are some new, cute shops to browse, along with some old favorites. This is my favorite area of Plano with it's brick streets, old store fronts, and the cute little park that borders the area. I think the owners have been increasing rent now that is is directly along the Rail Line and for a few years some great shops were closing, but it looks like a few new ones have taken their place. My favorite shop is still Nooks and Krannies. They also have a sweet little tea room that is open for lunch. The weekend was completely packed, rewind a little more and every one of my evenings was filled with a lot of fun activities. Someone asked me how my week was going, and I said 'busy'....I learned it's hard to use that word without people assuming you are also being negative and dreading those activities. Let me correct myself by saying my week and weekend was 'overflowing with fun.'


Jo said...

Ruben and I often daydream about how we'll be like you when we grow up and the kids are grown up more. We'll go on the really cool road trips, we'll get to enjoy strolls down mainstreet and cute little shops again. How's the repair work on your body feeling?

Christy said...

I often daydream of children, so I guess we will read each other's blogs and daydream about 'someday' for us both. ;o) The body feels fine....all has heal externally, just praying that the other organs will start pitching in a little more internally.

Charles and Heidi said...

I'm still waiting to grow up and be like Christy! Every time I read your blog, I think.... "that would have been a fun thing to do... Maybe Christy will adopt me."
I loved my lunch with your mom!! Were your ears burning"