Swirly Twirly Peppermint....Tornadoes?

Tuesday, December 09, 2008
"I passed through the seven layers of the candy cane forest, through the sea of twirly, swirly gumdrops, and then I walked through the Lincoln Tunnel."-Elf
I love the movie Elf, and anytime I see a peppermint, this quote runs through my head. This year I was really excited about baking cookies because I decided to make them in the shape of peppermints (a new idea for me)! So last night, I got carried away, and started baking cookies at 10. Even though I have about twelve projects going in my house, none of them involved cleaning, all of them involve glitter whether it's in the form of project glitter, or sugared glitter....it's all over my house. I found myself producing icing at 11 pm trying to get the right color 'red' for the cookies I was originally going to finish 'another time.' (Note to self-"Christmas Red" from Wilton looks very orange to me, no matter how much you use, I'd suggest a different color.) As I was contemplating this issue of dark orange/red, the phone rang. It was my aunt, who was calling to see if we were aware we were under a tornado watch? Oops, nope, I had the Christmas music too loud, and didn't hear the tornado SIRENS going off! I guess for us non-weather people there are 'stages of a tornado,' and just over a mile from my house an area of rain had begun the 'circling' pattern and a high risk for tornado development was underway. We all went into the bathroom. Even the cat hung out with us until the sirens went off. I had a a conversation with God that went something like, "OK, I get it, in the grand scheme of life, I'll let the red/orange go, a tornado is not necessary..." After about ten minutes, the sirens went off, I went back out, and I stopped worrying about the red and just slapped it on the cookies. Look, if my swirly twirly peppermints going flying off in a swirly twirly tornado, I want the people that find them to have a fully iced cookie, but I guess they are just going to have to be OK with orange/red! No more sirens went off, though there was another wall developing about two miles away, but eventually the stormed moved off, and my cookies got iced. And so, here are my Swirly Twirly, Christmas Tornado cookies in the making, I don't think I'll have too many tornado icing stories, so I had to share this one.
"Unwrapped" Peppermint Cookie

One of four cookie trays.

Angel Cookies (Mom was in charge of the sprinkles for these little gals, she went a little crazy.)

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