Diaper Cake

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jodi gave me all the details on "How to....Make a Diaper Cake" after she made one of her own for a shower she was hosting (It was soooo cute!). I filed this information away, knowing I would need it someday. Yesterday was 'the day.' My boss, who I also call a friend, is hosting a diaper shower for a second time Mom, and we were discussing ideas. I told her she had to have one, which turned into I'd make one. I may be the only person who has never seen the inner workings of a cake, but if you don't know-you fill the center with goodies too like wet wipes, roll the diapers and tie them, then create the 'diaper shape.' You can add all sorts of fun 'stuff' I have q-tips, and other little baby goodies like mini powders, shampoos, lotions, bottles, utensils etc on the backside of the cake too (you can't see in the picture), but you get the idea. I also saw some really cute ones with little stuffed goodies as toppers, but I wanted to keep cost down since I was spending someone else's money.


Msheepers said...

That's really cute!

(For the longest time, I thought that diaper cakes had to be purchased from a store. I didn't realize that people made them.)

Christy said...

It's very doable, bring some diapers over next time you are in town, and we can construct ;o)