A (Work) Week End Review

Thursday, January 08, 2009
Monday: A mini-ice storm hit, but the grounds were too warm for it to stick, so I came back to work, which is a good thing. I now have another week under my belt. BUT, I got to enjoy how beautiful the trees look when they are covered with ice. I think that is my favorite thing about an ice storm!
Tuesday: Eeeck, my computer crashed, again. I really need to get over the idea that I, and all the things associated with me are invincible. I spent a month trying to restore things from the last computer crash, and I began new projects etc, but did I save them? No, not this time either. The crash isn't my fault, but the loss is because I should have known. What I learned is that it's not the end of the world, just a little annoying. I need that reminder. Oh...and I need to save my files more than once a year.
Wednesday: I finally got a hold of my dermatologist for some 'test' results. I had an unassuming mole I probably would have ignored b/c it has never seemed very threatening. It's flat to the surface, and I never really watched it until I was looking at a surgery scar one day (on my stomach, next to this mole). I saw this mole had turned really dark (I'm not very good at checking). I remembered a few stories lately about people who had problems with moles, and I decided to go see my dermatologist last week. I almost canceled a day before my appointment b/c I thought I was being silly. She took it off right away, and the results came back a week later (Wednesday). I'm glad I went, it was 'something' with a long, very boring name. It's not melanoma, but it's not benign either. So now, when it heals, I continue to watch, and head back in a month. I'm not worried, I'm just so grateful that I noticed (due to that itchy scar, and people sharing their stories).
Thursday: I attended lot's of meetings today, but I did squeeze in a little sewing-no felt.
Friday: I'm headed to Starbucks with Mary and Sonia after work-I can't wait to get their wisdom and feedback on life, and the events listed, but mostly not listed in my blog from the past few weeks...and to laugh about the things that don't need to be analyzed, just re-lived one more time through our words for the sake of laughter, and mental health!

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Msheepers said...

Glad that everything went well w/ the dermatologist exam / results. I have (had) a mole on my knee that I've had removed and tested on two separate occasions.

Like yours, the results came back negative, but it makes me a little paranoid to think that maybe there's one somewhere else that's changing and I can't see it or something.