Another "Borrowed" Idea: Mickey Pot Holder

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I ran across a blog a few days ago with this project explained in detail, and I thought-hey, I have most of the materials necessary to make one of those! I said I'd never make a pot holder, but....I lied. I used the scraps that I had from my last quilt....and the one before that to see how this turned out. I didn't follow her exact instructions, I used more 'little' pieces because I wanted more colors....but rules are made to be broken. The only thing I had to purchase was the rick rack. I have a not so secret love for the stuff, so that was no problem. I also ignored the part where she used black material for the ear portion, mostly b/c I don't really have any black material, and the whole goal was to use my scraps! So now, it's done, another blog experiment, and I'll find this guy a nice Mickey Loving home to live at for as long as he is useful (or wanted). Regardless of whether you are a fan of the potholder (and I wasn't and will probably continue to be just 'semi interested' in these sort of proejects) or not, this lady's blog has some free patterns etc that are fun to look through. I was just excited to get to use my scraps, but the key was-I made myself use my scraps and just 'be OK' with the final outcome--this was a bit of a milestone for me-I only purchased ONE thing for a project....(and a bunch of other stuff I didn't need at the craft store when I was there buying the 'one thing' for THIS project, but who's counting?)


Ella said...

I love your potholder! I think you have a home business at your fingertips!! Keep up the good work!

Ella said...

Grandma Heidi posted the above comment while staying at Ella's.
(I have got to remember to sign on as myself when reading your blog.

Msheepers said...

My thoughts when I first saw the picture (before reading the title or details) was that you created some type of bustier or halter top!


Christy said...

Ha,'m not THAT bored yet.