Spring Preview

Thursday, February 26, 2009

You will probably see a bigger and more jazzed up version of this exact same Diaper Cake in a month or so for a shower I'm hosting (Surprise-the theme is going to be 'monkeys' on behalf of my pal who has always loved monkeys). Anyway, I threw this little cake together for a friend at work attending a shower this weekend (people know I love to use their money to go shop and get to try out crafts), the monkey is a little big for this little cake, but he's going anyway. The shower this work pal is attending has a safari theme, but I just chose one animal to focus on for her gift, she'll be fine with it. Jodi, I'm so in love with how easy these 'cakes' are to 'bake.' Thanks again for sharing. I had to show you....the trials didn't stop with the last one. I look forward to putting together a suped up Monkey Diaper Cake soon.

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