The Zodiac Room

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today Mom and I went downtown (after Saturday School) to the Zodiac Tea Room on the 6th floor of Neiman Marcus. I have wanted to try it out for awhile, it's been around forever. I was reading a Dallas Magazine a week or so ago and I read about their popovers, and I scheduled a lunch! They started the meal with complimentary chicken broth, and a cheese bite, and then this enormous, steaming, puffed popover with individual, chilled bowls of raspberry butter. Yum! It was even bigger in person, and I snuck a picture on my iphone.

I ordered the Croque Madame because it's what all the reviews said was 'the best'....I filled up on the popover (priorities), and sweet potatoes fries, and salad, but what I ate of the Croque Madame was good too....

It was a really beautiful restarauant, and a fun experience. I'm glad I went! Lunch with Mom is always fun.


Jodi said...

What a nice way to end a Saturday school day! And I love the Monkey diaper cake!! Too cute!!

regani said...

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