Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Had a List....

...of things I was going to do each day of my Spring Break. I think I have done ONE thing on that list, and the rest of the list is just a pile of unfinished projects I had every intention of doing, until I slept in on Tuesday and remembered how good it felt just to be lazy! I understand those of you with kids don't have much sympathy for what I'm about to say-but I have not had the opportunity to sleep in one time since January....and it has felt great to do just that. When I wake up I realize there is a whole cable network full of old friends I've completely been neglecting, so I turn on the tube to catch up on what sort of butter creation Paula Dean is creating, and what sort of Dirty Job Mike Rowe has encountered this week. Sure, I probably shouldn't be admitting this, but I don't really have a lot else to post about, and yet....I felt the need to post about 'nothing'. The bottom line, I'm being very lazy, and I think my body is grateful.