Remember the Alamo?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Friday kicked off my Spring Break. Saturday morning, Mom agreed to head south down 35 with me. There are a lot of stops I love to frequent along this highway, but I had not been to San Antonio in years! The last time I remember going was when I was seventeen, and I've wanted to go back since the day we left. I've done a lot of traveling, and I just didn't make it a priority. We went for a very short, but jam-packed weekend. It was a really rainy, and wet weekend, and pretty chilly, but not so much that we couldn't walk around. I had a secondary reasons-more photo practice, but I can't say I'm completely in love with any of the shots I grabbed on rather gloomy days, but the memories are in full color in my head, and really, that's what counts! We spent most of Saturday walking up and down the river walk. We went to La Valita, and other shops around the riverwalk (I usually love to swing by the market as well, but since this wasn't a shopping trip, I've saved that for next time).
Most Places Said "No Pictures"....If Only....

We also went to the very crowded Alamo. They had just celebrated it's anniversary last week, which explains the teepees outside.
The Alamo

There were also a ton of men and women in Air Force uniform, my guess is this is a graduating class from the base nearby where many of my friends from the Air Force have headed to get in their basic training. Luminaria was also going on and lots of local artist were setting up booths downtown, including some guy who was demonstrating his 'dust art' on a car....I didn't know, I'll post picture just as soon as I create a little masterpiece of my own on my car. I had figured I'd take her for a wash, but now that I see a bigger purpose for the layers of dust...
...Now That's My Kind of Art

Lastly, there was a huge crowd of people in green ready to celebrate St Patrick's Day. Today was a parade down the river, which includes dying the river green. There was quite a crush all weekend. Despite the crowd, we did get a chance to stop and eat at Casa Rio along the riverwalk. They have EXCELLENT queaso, and even more excellent prices! I remember sitting outside on the river as a child and eating here, so it was fun to revisit. They even had a live Mariachi
Casa Rio

We also took a boat ride down the river, which was great. I was surprised at how affordable everything was, and how clean the riverwalk was, along with a ton of new restaurants to choose from along the walk. I love San Antonio! This morning we headed back to the river one more time, and then we headed home via New Braunsfield and the New Braunsfield Smokehouse my Mom said she went to when she was little because HER Mom said she went there when SHE was I guess the tradition continues, though the locations is new, Mom promises the food still taste the same....good! I didn't know I'd like German tasted suspiciously like Texas BBQ, with a little different twist to the sauce.

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Make that first photo black and white except for the umbrellas and you've got an awesome picture.