...For the Birds

Friday, March 13, 2009

I never realized that everybody didn't deal with 'these birds' flying through during the changing of the seasons until I had a friend from Oklahoma who talked about them....all the time....because he had never seen anything like them before moving to the area. The Grackles are just not really that appealing. They completely cover the powerlines on this one particular highway I pass on my way to work, and I've noticed this year there are so many that they cover all levels of the powerlines, and have extended their perches to the grounds covering the sidewalks and grass underneath the powerlines). This picture doesn't even begin to capture the experience, the number of birds....or the noise, and sometimes the smell....but....it's part of the Dallas area. These keep me entertained, and a little grossed out most mornings while I'm waiting to get through this light.

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Msheepers said...

There's a similar group that hangs out at a nearby intersection around dusk. There are TONS of them!