Tutu Cute

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I've seen this on several blogs over the last few months, and so tonight I decided to try my hand at 'tutu making.' On the blogs I've seen they have used one of those large elastic hairbands that replaces a traditional headband (you can get them at the dollar store). I decided to use a small piece of elastic (I discovered the less elastic, the better), and then I sewed ribbon to each end of the elastic, and figured this would leave room for any adjustments that need to be made since I don't have a 'model' to use in the making of these tutus. I used two different colors of tulle, and sliced them in half, then tied them on to the elastic/ribbon. I'm going to make a whole 'outfit' to go with it, so stayed tuned to see that one...someday. This one is heading off to a co-worker's niece.

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Thomas Family said...

adorable. There are a lot of cute things out there for little kids.