Wooden Magnets

Monday, March 09, 2009

I started this little project a month or so back. I had seen these little magnets on a blog (Here: http://angrychicken.typepad.com/angry_chicken/2008/09/magnets.html). I found the little wooden disk at Hobby Lobby, and the magnets at JoAnne's. The row at the bottom I'm planning to make push pins out of (I figured I needed to add my own twist somewhere). I looked for the paper from Martha Stewart shown in the link, but I never did find it at a reasonable price, and when I was making a gift for someone (one of the frames from a previous post, though I didn't post that frame since it still needs to be shipped), there were all these cute little squares of animals and I decided to try these out. I used my Creative Memories punch (Maurine and her Mom sell these goodies, and I use them all the time), and I punched out a few of my favorite animals. They fit perfectly. I did run into one little problem-I put these in a baggie for a month+ and some of them stuck together. There are a few cute animals that didn't make it to the finished product, and some have little battle scars (so don't zoom in). Oh well, it was my first try. I also made a larger magnet using a picture of Lilly. I cut it out to fit the disk, and put diamond glaze on for work). Today I bought some flat marbles and I'm going to try out a second style of magnets.....soon to follow.


Thomas Family said...

Glad to see our tools come in handy for multiple projects

Msheepers said...

Do you also like craft stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby?

Christy said...

I probably go to those two craft stores the most....especially Hobby Lobby. I really went almost every day for a week over Christmas break. I go to both about once a week at the very least....JoAnne's is more of a bi-weekly stop. This is not a good thing, but.....I do really love those stores!!