Back to My Roots Attempt #2

Tuesday, April 07, 2009
There are a list of things I can't do that I am always thinking about, and I am constantly reminding myself I have the skills necessary to BE Christy, but it's still difficult because I long for those other talents. Singing, for instance. As I told my lunch buddies the other day, I'm pretty sure someday I'm just going to be in charge of clapping in the heavenly choir. And then there are those people I marvel at with green thumbs. Every year I am determined that THIS year will be when I conquer my yard. I love the idea of a beautiful lawn and garden. 2009 brings about a new approach. Forget the whole yard, my goal is just to conquer two potted plants. I've always WANTED to be someone who has a green thumb. I can't tell you how many plants I've bought over the years, but whatever the number is, that is also equal to the number of plants I've killed. I am a truly talented weed grower. I'm also especially good at fattening up dogs, but feeding plants? Forget it. Grass, bushes, vegetables, and trees elude me. A few years back I grew a bean. I took it's picture, and then promptly forgot about it. This year, I bought two more things. Unfortunately, I have little sun in my yard, so I figured this way I can chase the sun around with my two little pots, and dump some water on them every few days, and maybe I'll get a little something out of the mix. I chose basil. I figured it would be great to grow my own herbs because I'm always purchasing them at the store, but when I thought about it, this was the only herb I could think of more than one meal I use it for. I also got a cherry tomato plant. I don't even like tomatoes very much, so why did I get these? Because it's mini tomatoes, how cute are miniture things? Here's hoping....
::Insert More Basil Leaves Here Someday::

::Insert Cute Cherry Tomatoes Here Someday::

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Hope they grow up big and strong!