Photography #6: Bluebonnet Trail

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

This weekend I went to Ennis to see the bluebonnets along the highways (Ennis is located between I-45 and I-35). They are up and down most of the highways and roads right now, but there is a particular area around Ennis where they grow in abundance.

You can go to the city website and see where the blooms are on a weekly basis, and they even include maps, and written directions from one spot to another.
It looked like there were some cute little shops, soda fountains etc in downtown Ennis as well, and in two weeks they host a bluebonnet festival....I didn't know! Supposedly, they are the best the weekend of the festival, but they were pretty incredible this past weekend. I went to all three locations listed on their city website, but the field with the largest spread was exit 353 off of I-45 (right after the Galaxy Drive-In).

You hop off the exit, turn right at the first small road, and the field is on your left. You can't miss it, and there is space on the shoulder to pull over. I could not even begin to capture the sheer number of blooms, and how pretty they all were.....I think you just have to go see for yourself. Does it get any prettier than Texas Highways in the spring? No!

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