Dance Lessons

Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Fine...I'll be one of those people that talks about my dogs too much. Scratch that, I already am one of those people, I'm finally putting it in print so you don't have to think it. Jason leaves for work sometime around 6. He knows about my Peanut Plot, so this morning he dropped him into my bed where Lilly and I were sleeping as he walked out the door. Uhhh, I think he forgot to tell Peanut that he wasn't dropping him off for tap dancing classes. That dog ran in a circle for about the first 45 minutes (considering his size, I figure one lap around the queen equaled a track for you or I). I didn't have the heart to put him down, and I didn't have the energy to go get him a toy. He then proceeded to tap dance his way up and down me....and Lilly. For about five minutes he found a little stuffed ballerina in a pink tutu. She has really attractive yarn hair, and a tiara, and he nibbled on her tutu for a few minutes, but my hair must have tasted better because he spent more time dragging pieces out to sample. Then it was back to marathon training, and toe/ball/hill/exchange/shuffle/shuffle/step/'s only cute b/c he weighs three pounds. Otherwise I might be reconsidering my Peanut Plot. I was trying to drag the covers out from under Lilly so I could hide, she wasn't cooperating. Regardless of my rocky morning, he's still about the cutest thing that ever tap danced in my bed at 6 am.


Jo said...

See, this is where babies are cooler. If Maggie starts dancing, I just give her a boob, and she stops that nonsense. And another thing, it is way cool that you have a dog toy with a tiara on it!

Christy said...

At a hundred pounds, sometimes Lilly needs a little extra assurance she is a pretty girl! So....tutus and tiaras are always a good choice for doggy toys for her.