Sad News

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
I am so sad to be writing this. I didn't think I would have to write this. Over the last week Nycki has been improving in baby steps. Each day there was something new to be excited about. She has remained on life support, but it seemed that there were steps that were now laid out to getting better. I couldn't believe it. I know God is still a miracle worker, and I was so amazed to be watching one of these unfold in front of me. She has remained heavily sedated, and unable to do much, though she has brought peace to those that have visited with her with a rare smile, or a squeeze of the hand, and even a nod of the head. I looked forward into the future, and I wondered how God would weave this into her life as she recovered, who she would be, what she could do. Today, I found out that this is the end of the road here on earth for Nycki, and it will be those that surround her that will be carrying forward and sharing her story. To make a long story short, there are three organs that would need to be transplated, and in her condition, and with the instant need, this will not be possible. They have slowly begun to remove the life support. She may not be here in the morning, and she will not make it through tomorrow, according to the doctors. I pray that she will enter Heaven today. I pray that she leaves peacefully and finds a perfect body, no more pain, and a perfect welcome, and knows we are all headed up there and so excited about celebrating with her, and loving her as sisters and brothers in Christ. I pray for her family, and in particular her son, his protection, and for Godly people to enter his life. I pray that God can use Jason to comfort him and guide him. I know Jason has been groomed through his life experiences to be a mentor, and I'm praying for strength for him, and the will to take these lessons learned and be the man God calls him to be on the long road ahead. I know God's timing is perfect. I know God's plan is perfect. Sometimes it is so hard to explain life this side of heaven, and we just accept it through faith in a loving God.

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