Thursday, May 07, 2009

Coaster ScrapBook

Coaster Book Cover
Inside The Coaster Book

Another Page Inside the Coaster Book

I saw someone share this idea on Martha a few years ago, and then I started collecting coasters from restaurants (Chili's has the best). I made my first one for Maurine and Derek last year with pictures I had snagged at their wedding. I found a collection of pictures I took that 'told the story' from my guest perspective. I measured them, and glued them down to the coasters, trimmed, and made a hole in each with a hole-punch. I bought a ring, and some ribbon I liked, and then I bought a little charm to attach to the ring (butterfly for their theme). I've made one more recently, but I've covered the title since it's a gift.

I have another planned, now I just need to go ask for more coasters. It's quicker than a 'big album,' but still personal, so I had to share, just in case you didn't catch that Martha episode. I was really excited when I saw the idea, and I was telling some friends about it, and a few have made them as thank you gifts after visiting friends, grandparent brag books etc. I had to share one of my favorite ideas. :O)