Dallas Museum of Arts Late Nights

Friday, May 15, 2009

Once a month the DMA stays open until midnight, host programs, musicians, and dancers. My friends Sonia, Shelly, and I headed downtown this evening after dinner and walked around. I always wander around paintings and think-wow, how do they do this? I don't have the patience for painting, and I am in awe of those that have that sort of concentration and passion, and ability! And a few of the highlights....sure, most people can spot a Picasso....

OK, but seriously, this cracked me up. There is a more 'unique' section of art, and this girl creates bust of herself out of strange materials. Here are two of her pieces she licked and lathered into being. She licked this chocolate statue into shape....and she lathered the second statue during her cleaning rituals until she got the shape she wanted. Some art I just don't get, but I'm always fascinated! I wonder if she is friend's with the butter artist?

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Jo said...

I love you purse. That is so pretty!! And to think, people say the same thing (the patience thing) about teaching, being a mom, missionary work, quilting . . . . . I think you would just be bored with painting because you can't do anything with what you make.