Good Sportsmanship....Or Lack There Of....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mom, Jason, and I went to the Ranger's game yesterday (after a really 'exciting' stop at Cabela's. Jason wanted a new bow. It's pretty much like Bass Pro Shop, though they did have a fudge shop that I took advantage of...). The game was delayed by an hour becasue of rain, but it held off the rest of the day, and I got to witness a Ranger's win. They played the LA Angels who are number two by a game and a half (now several more with these additional losses-a sweep!), the Rangers are currently sitting in first. On the first pitch by the Angels, it went BEHIND the batter's back. I know the drill, this Ranger hit two homerooms the day before, so the pitcher decided he was going to walk him, but I just don't like seeing that-I smell bad sportsmanship. Win through all your skills, against all the skill of the other team, and not by refusing to play with the big guns. Pitch two nailed the Ranger....and the umpire threw the Angel's pitcher out. The crowd went wild, and their coach went balistic....but the decision stood. I liked that.

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