Family Tree

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Last winter when I was playing with wood, I saw a few things that looked similar to this, and I decided to make my own twist on the fencepost tree idea. The ideal situation would have been to find 'used' wood (it's so fun to recycle) from a torn down fence, BUT I found some affordable (new) pieces at Home Depot. Jason cut the fence post for me down to the sizes I asked him to cut, and he even made a post for the bottom so it will stick in the ground (I think I used three pieces total for the trunk, and branches). I found the ornaments and star at Hobby Lobby over the holidays and I painted those, and glittered them (because I like glitter), then I nailed all the pieces together. We celebrated Lois' birthday today, and I decided she needed a new yard sign for the holidays, but I can't give it to her at Christmas (too late!), so this was my opportunity-my 'out of season' birthday gift (I warned everyone it's a homemade year). I even bought an ornament for Blythe, and I added her name this past week :O). There is room to 'grow'....but for now, this is the Mariam's Tree. It was a fun, very do-able yard sign. My friend Terry would have cut her own ornaments, and star out with her scroll saw, but...I am all about cheating with the pre-shaped ornaments from the store.

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