Lois' 12 Layer Cake

Friday, May 08, 2009

I saw the recipe for this cake here http://bakerella.blogspot.com/2009/02/fourteen-for-fourteenth.html a few months ago. Lois' favorite cake is yellow cake with chocolate icing, so I decided this year to try this out for her birthday (which we are celebrating tomorrow since she is headed to meet Blythe over her 'real' birthday). I only bought six pans, which worked fine, since that's all that fit in the oven anyway. I was a bit of a cheater-I used a boxed cake, and I used two boxes, and they made 12 layers instead of 14....I think it will have the same impact. (One is on the cake plate in the following picture).

I did follow the icing recipe from the original recipe, but I cut it in half, and just put it between the layers. I covered the outside of the cake with icing from a can (show above), but the recipe on the blog for chocolate buttercream looks really great too.

This is what the inside of the cake will looks like when it is sliced (I will try to remember to take a picture, but....no promises-I borrowed this from the website for now....I love this website!).

Here's hoping this is an experiment gone right....tomorrow the cake should be decorated, and sliced...


Charles and Heidi said...

Happy Birthday to Lois!

That cake is impressive!
Great job!

Msheepers said...


Ditto. That cake looks impressive! (Especially the what-it's-supposed-to-look-like-sliced-open shot.