Maurine's Purse

Friday, May 22, 2009

For Christmas, Kelly had made me a purse (not pictured), it is super cute, bright colors, and fun, summer, fruit fabrics. As soon as I received the gift, I wanted to try one for myself. Maurine collects purses, so-keeping with the homemade gift themes-I decided to make her one for her birthday. It was fun to find fabric that reminded me of Maurine (even if she wouldn't choose it for herself, it's what I chose for her). I went over to Kelly's and she created a purse for herself while taking me through the steps to make a purse. I couldn't believe how many steps it took! There is a LOT of 'stuff' inside the purse to make the sides, bottom, and handle more sturdy. We even created pockets, and a magnetic clasp. This may be my only purse, but it was a neat experience. Kelly wanted to know if I was going to post 'my' purse after two long nights of sewing, ironing, and cutting....yup, in honor of all Kelly's help-here is the purse Kelly helped me create. I had to wait until now since I didn't want to post before Maurine actually opened the gift.
Inside the Purse


Maurine and Derek said...

Thank you so much its amazing and even better since its made with love

Brian and Ella said...

very, very cute!