The Week of the Cupcake

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
This ones for you, Gretchen. Look, it's a shiny cupcake....

She has lots of cupcake friends, all dressed to match Beta Clubs signature colors....

....they joined our school's Beta Club for inductions Wednesday afternoon. :O) I prefer the cupcake....and it's a good thing because this my first 48 of 97 cupcake I'll be making....doesn't it sound more dramatic when you say '97'....just forget you can toss them together 24 at a time. Tomorrow I'll introduce these cupcakes to 48more cupcakes for a Wedding Shower I'm attending Saturday evening...and that 97th 'cupcake' is a sewing project that I'm dropping off this evening for some finishing touches from an embroidering company, I'll take a picture when I'm finished. The thing about the cupcake is that it never frustrates me. They don't crack like cake, serving is simple, you only have to ice 'one side' and the decorating possibilities are endless....and easy.
P.s. As a side, can I recommend the creative memeroies punches. I used them on the circles on the picks, and they saved me sooooo much time. Maurine and her Mom sell them if you ever need one. I've had mine for several years, and used it several hundred times (if not more, seriously). When I scrapbook with friends we each bring our 'stuff' and I'm always in charge of the punches b/c they are fabulous fun.

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