Saturday, May 02, 2009

Working On My Salad

I've been checking the status of my tomatoes and basil daily. Sure, I bought them already 'growing', but usually that's the end of a plants life when it enters my world. Not this time, nope, my little guys have been growing their little hearts out. The basil is apparently a tasty treat for some insect, but it has doubled in size. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do to keep the bugs away.....surely there is some natural treatment I can apply to the leaves, but I'm not that serious yet. Then there is the tomato plant... I was so proud yesterday when I looked and there were THREE tomatoes growing. My next goal is to get some ORANGE to work it's way into those tomatoes! I'm just a few ingrediants away from a'll be a small salad,'s more than I've ever grown before, minus one bean that I took a picture of and then forgot about. This time I'm determined to see it least until the Texas summer hits. Someday I'll have to attempt the garden in the ground again. For now I like the mobile version where I can drag the pots around and search out the perfect growing location.