Friday, June 05, 2009

Day One: Leaving on a Jet Plane

By the time this post, I SHOULD be up in the air headed to London, England! I've figured out how to time my post, so I've set up a few weeks worth of post to log my day to day itinerary. I don't want to forget my schedule, and this should help me jog my memory when I return so I can fill in the blanks in this travel adventure story, and add pictures. I'm not planning on looking for internet service overseas, I want to look for photo opportunities instead! BUT, there should be a post that comes up each day with my proposed itinerary. And here it 'one.' I should have left on a long/direct flight to London mid afternoon from DFW. With the time difference I'll be landing tomorrow morning (the middle of the night here in Dallas). I'm planning on using one of my super powers-which is the ability to go long periods of time without sleep, and I'm going to try to see some of London after we arrive in the morning, and then crash when it's 'night' there. My Mom is equipped with 'other super powers'....and so I'm hoping she sleeps on the plane so she can site see comfortably. I know me, I'm not a plane sleeper, I'm too busy making sure the pilot is flying the plane correctly, and the flight attendants are distributing an equal number of peanuts and sodas to each seat, and all the passengers are buckled in safely. I'm also probably scribbling in my journal. I've been keeping a travel journal for about ten years, and I have a new one just for this trip. At heart, I'm a paper/pencil girl. More post to follow tomorrow with Day Two's Itenerary. Please pray for a safe, and exciting trip!


Maurine and Derek said...

I hope that all is going well and that you have a trip better than you could have dreamed.