Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day Seven: Driving Through Italy

Italy was a very rustic country. Day Six, and Seven, and the drive through Switzerland (still to come) were the most beautiful days on the road. Once we entered Italy, we started to leave the Alps, though we still saw the little villages along the sides built in between the mountain valleys, and the mountain top castles, ruins, and fortresses. We started seeing more wine fields, and olive groves. The sun came out....and stayed out. Italy is HOT! The places we visited were also near water sources, so it was very humid as well. I got a pretty bad burn in Italy, it was a pretty drastic weather change from the first half of the trip. Even in early June it was near 100 degrees F each day. Italians love their sculpted trees, pasta, meats, gelatos, and Nutella (yummy chocolate goodness I didn't try until France), and let's not forget-the brick oven pizza-so delicious. I'm a fan of it all.