Day Six and Seven: Austria

Thursday, June 25, 2009

One of the prettiest drives was from Germany to Austria, through the Alps. As we drove along the Alps, we could see the little towns running along the valley floors. The churches took a drastic change with little mushroomed tops. Cows milled around the fields with big bells hanging from their necks (maybe this is why the "Hills are alive with sounds of music"?), and the haystacks were those little mounds of hay that Monet spent a lot of time trying to capture in paint, I, unfortunately, didn't capture any great pictures myself, so you'll just have to go see for yourself. We dangled along the edge of the Alps as we drove through Fern Pass, and we made a stop at a little store/restaurant before descending back down through the pass. It was a spectacular view at the top.

We arrived in Interlaken in the evening for an overnight stay. Interlaken hosted a portion of the Olypic games a few years back. It's a pretty large city, sitting down in the middle of the mountains.

I tried Weiner Schnitzel (kinda like a chicken fried steak), and Apple Streudel....both were delicious!

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