Monday, June 29, 2009

Day Ten/Eleven: Montecatini, Italy

The hot spring's town of Montecatini is the place we spent the evening after our day in Florence. It is a Bath House town built around the hot spring baths that draw visitors. We arrived in the middle of a Car Rally, which was interesting. We had a really great dinner with the best green beans I've ever tasted....uh, sure, I haven't exactly tasted very many in my life because when I have eaten green beans in the past they were YUCKY! The vegetables, and fruits are so much better in Italy. I don't know what soil/water combination makes them so fabulous, but I'm a fan. After dinner, Mom and I walked around the town square. It reminded me a little of Pasadena, CA with the palm trees, and building structures. There was a bands playing, and entertainers performing in front of the various hang outs with guest sitting out at the tables, talking, people watching, and listening to the music. Despite it all, it was a really peaceful setting