Monday, June 01, 2009

Jolene's Retirement Party

It's hard to say you 'celebrate' a friend's retirement, but I am excited for the opportunities Jolene will have being a full time wife, mom, grandmother, and friend. I sure will miss our daily chats, she has been a fabulous roommate these last two years. Now onto the details. It was Bon Voyage for Jolene. She heads on a cruise this fall when the rest of us will be, thus....the 'theme.'
SOS Jolene Sets Sail

Aimee, and Jolene

Guest Sign In
Each guest left a note to Jolene in the journal.

The Cake-From Sam's

The Food-Compliments of the Staff

Ports of Call-Table Decorations Each table (8 total) was decorated with the things that would be keeping her busy next year. Grandkids, her cruise to New England, Disneyworld this June, Scrapbooking, Quilting, Vegas (and other card playing opportunities), Friends, and trips back home to Kansas.

In honor of Jolene, 'math' themed books were donated to our school library.


Maurine and Derek said...

So cool, I know you must have had a lot to do with this. Amazing job