Cookie Cups

Sunday, July 05, 2009

I saw this recipe awhile ago on the familyfun website, and I wanted to try it out when more than myself would be partaking in the was just one of those 'rational moments' in life when I thought-you know-a WHOLE dessert probably isn't the best idea for an evening at home alone. So...July 4th's dessert seemed like a good plan. Since I've been baking and cooking with "me" for awhile now, I knew it was also important that I provided an alternative dessert in case my experiment didn't work out....I tend to get distracted easily and I can mess up ice cubes if given enough outside stimuli. Basically, the recipe for the cookie cups is the same premise as the chocolate chip cookie, but it's a lot firmer so the shape holds (or maybe it was firmer b/c I did mine wrong?). I also could not fit 1/4 of the flour into the mix b/c it was already getting so dry. I could only make six cookie cups, not the number they listed using these measurements (if I had pressed harder with the rolling pin, maybe one or two more could have been squeezed out). I just sprayed pam on the foil covered muffin tin bottoms (instead of shortening), and the cups slipped right out after drying. Here is the recipe.
They turned out pretty good, and the nice thing was that the ice cream gathered in the 'bowl' instead of slipping all over the plates (and your cake, if you were using this for a party). The cookie was a little hard to break, and not as good as a regular cookie, but interesting. I bet you could jazz it up with some more interesting flavors, and toppings. You could also definitely smooth the edges out around the sides of the bowllike their picture shows, and work on the shapes....I was just very tired (it was 2 am when I started baking b/c I had to finish Uncle Sam first) and this was about an eating opportunity, not aesthetics (despite my original purpose, it's funny how plans change at 2 am). The bowls out of the oven:

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