Fireworks for the Fourth

Sunday, July 05, 2009

What's the 4th without fireworks? Today I had family over for dinner, then headed a mile down the road to where the city was shooting off fireworks....and two other shows were visible as ours were launched right over our heads to synchronized, patriotic music. At the end of the night I was thinking "Another 4th, in the past...." and then I thought...and next will be Halloween, and it will be gone, and it'll take the fall with it, then Christmas, and I'll be sitting there on the night of the 25th thinking....where did this season go?....and then I'll snuggle down to hibernate for the winter, and before I know it, the countdown to summer will start......ahhhh...I will live in each of these moments with all of the people I'm gifted to be with on holidays, and all the days in between....I WILL!

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