July 4th Decorations

Saturday, July 04, 2009
I went over to hang out with my crafty friend, Terry. (I mean 'crafty' in a nice way....today ;o)). She had made the cutest Uncle Same for her porch, and so she let me come over and use her pattern, and her jig saw/scroll saw, and some 'new saw' it may take me awhile to learn it's name) to cut out my wood. (Can I just say-this is not easy when it's 100+++++ outside, but we did it). I also convinced her to add some fireworks to her yard display (her husband is going to thank me for that one, I'm sure), so that's what she worked on while I cut. I later painted my pieces (later meaning, I started at about 11 PM....ooops). After lots of painting, and nailing, he's ready for the holiday! He won't stay on his base, and he's only tentatively nailed together b/c I couldn't find the wood glue, and didn't think Jason wanted to get a call at 1 am asking about it, but I'm going to worry about that when I pick him up.

My new door decor (because I don't have enough decorations in my garage to store throughout the year).

P.s. Ella, I was going to make a wreath, but then I saw this metal pouch, it reminded me of the white one you shared a year or so ago on your door. I LOVE that one so much, so I went this route instead, thanks for sharing your ideas!


Brian and Ella said...

that one is too cute, christy!! i love all of your decorations!

Brandy N said...

So cute! Was it hard to make like cut the wood or pretty basic?

Christy said...

Hi Brandy, Have you used a jigsaw before? The shapes are really basic, that's the only tricky part, but if you have used those before it's no problem. If you aren't comfortable with those, you can get some basic shapes from the unfinished wood section at most craft stores (like the star on his hat-those are easy to grab for cheap!). Hope that helps!